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The fortnight ending 14th January 2007

A new beta SDK was announced incorporating some of the 2.7 tools. Still missing some features but good enough to do development on. The news that Apple's iPhone ( one would think that they would lock down the copyright first on the name before announcing it! ) will be running OSX could mean that a future non-locked down incarnation of the iPhone could be running Rebol apps.

Henrik's case test tool is now at version 0.0.10. Henrik says it is not quite a unit testing tool, but does sequential testing tracking the results.

Mailing List
A bug in the round function was discovered. Looks like some automated tool messed up!

According to the priority list posted last week, this is due to be released at DevCon 2007 in Paris, May 2007. However, there is not much available information on DevCon in English yet ... and as many developers need to plan months in advance, it may well turn out to be a purely French Connection.

There appears to be a lack of synchronizations of the various flavours of Rebol on Linux. I note that the SDK has not been updated for some time ? 2004. In particular, the draw dialect lacks AGG font support that is available in View. Hopefully Carl will take the time to do some new Linux SDK builds so that OSX, Linux and Windows are fairly equivalent.

reGraph 0.1.4
Maxim has released a new application called reGraph. Its still a prototype, but its also a first view of an applied use of liquid. the whole canvas object is generated through a network of liquid nodes which process the canvas in real time, as you drag the mouse. See the docs.


At 7:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi guys, how can I submit a tip to be included in the weekly round up? I had submitted it to Carl, but I guess he might have more important things to do right now.

I didn't want to post it as a comment as it wouldn't be relevant to any of the postings here.


At 7:29 PM, Blogger Graham said...

You could email it to me at compkarori spat gmail dot com.


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