A summary of what's happening in the REBOL community.

The week ending 3th September 2006

Altme and Qtask
Gabriele is busy with text-formatting which are being driven by qtask requirements. His projects are
  1. Pdf-maker 2, which is basically a TeX-clone written in Rebol. Yep :) His latest stuff is here, although that is the raw stuff from his development-folder. Looks like this.
  2. Qml, which is a text-markup-language similar to make-doc and developed for QTask. Lately posted to rebol.org: qml-base.r and xhtml-emitter.r . Also remember QML-Ed mentioned in our last article.
Oldes looked for async networking for his IRC-client and some things, which let to some fresh attention to uniserve (france). Oldes is happy now :)

Carl is busy with Rebol3 and blogs about it, the focus is currently on modules, as well as a discussion on the best word for his provisional "pop".

Graham noted a script to receive and send to gsm phone in the library, which we should have noted a few blogs before :)

In the Wild
Anton has been busy collecting all this work into a consistent style package for VID. It's looking a very viable alternative to RebGUI!

You can try out his styles by issuing the following from Rebol.

load-thru/update http://www.rebol.net/reb/index.r
do http://anton.wildit.net.au/rebol/gui/style-gallery.r


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