A summary of what's happening in the REBOL community.

The week ending 20th August 2006

Carl has indicated that Rebol3 will implement a class based approach to support object methods. The driving force for this is a better C interface, and ease of implementation.

Ladislav Mercir has been appointed charge of developing the test suites as well as other duties. So, if you need a particular test case, contact Ladislav.

Carl has also updated his blogging script to support comments - source available. It looks pretty nice.

Cyphre has released my-http.r which allows transparent cookie handling in http(s). It looks like this was funded by qTask.

Edgar has updated his imagemagick script to support the latest version. I have not been able to get this going yet, but I have been able to use the comlib with the imagemagickobject.dll com server.

For example using the Com+ server and the comlib, if you need to display an image in View that is an unsupported format such as PDF, or Tiff, you can use imagemagick to convert the file to png, and then display it.

file: %mypdf.pdf
im_obj: createobject "ImageMagickObject.MagickImage.1"
objectMethod im_obj {.Convert(%s,%s,%s,%s)} compose [(file) "-format" "%m,%h,%w" "temp.jpg"]

will convert a pdf to jpg though I believe that ghostscript is also required for this particular conversion.


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