A summary of what's happening in the REBOL community.

The week ending 6th August 2006

Recycle Refinements

Carl asks whether garbage collection should be triggered on each recycle for Rebol3. Experts : post your opinions!

LDAP and Radius

Reichart let slip that they have ( nearly ) working support for LDAP and Radius. He also said

" We have not published that source, but I'm cool with it being published. It is not fully tested yet, in fact it will be tested very soon. You have to pound on Edgar to get him to post the source."

So, if you need this, pound away!

PDF Maker

Gabriele announced that everyone using the PDF Maker on View 1.3 should update to his latest version, as previous ones contained bugs.

He also offered a preview of what you will be able to do with PDF Maker 2.


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