A summary of what's happening in the REBOL community.

The fortnight ending 1st Oct 2006

Max has released a new version of GLayout after a hiatus of 2.5 years, and retaining 99% VID compatibility. This is an alternate dialect from VID for producing faces, and is in competition with RebGUI.

He promises
  • new visuals
  • extremely stable
  • updated and optimized for v1.3.2 (use of AGG)
  • many new styles (menu, explorer, canvas, generic pop-up, ...)
  • new value inspector allows browsing of live code in a mac-finder type browser
  • automatic scroll-wheel support in scrollpane real-time scrolling
  • many new layout possibilities
Check it out in the library

I believe he will be working on some demos that illustrate it's use. He has written some commercial applications but sadly these can not be released to the public.

The rebol.org package downloader repack has also been upgraded using a new version of Glayout and can be invoked with
do http://www.rebol.org/library/public/repack.r

Oldes has a Rebol/Pro version of zlib compression/decompression using a dll. It's a rip file so run it to decompress first.

Chris Langreiter has updated his 3flex script to work with latest View. It's a map editor that he intends to be used as a knowledge map editor.

Rebol3 Blog
Carl asks for more input on console return values. Personally I think I am in favour of a switch for this!


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