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Later in September 2008


Cheyenne 0.9.19 Preview Release

Nenad has just published a link to the next Preview Release of the Cheyenne web server

Main changes are :

  • an improved PHP support (now works reliably)

  • sandboxed RSP webapps (as much as it's possible in R2)

  • now compatible with REBOL 2.7.6

  • bugfixes

See ChangeLog.txt file in the archive for complete description.

Support Cheyenne. Run a webserver. Go Doc Go!

Get the current zip from cheyenne-server.org.

Rebol Technologies

Name the GUI contest

Carl has given interested parties a chance to win a REBOL Release 3 T-Shirt. Perhaps the first ever R3 T.

See Name the GUI for complete details and a chance to offer up the winning name or acronym.

Cheers from the REBOL Week Team,


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