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Week ending March 24, 2008

In the wild

REBOL/Services Overview

Henrik has posted a short how-to guide for getting up to speed with REBOL/LNS (RebServices) HMK Design Blog


John Geomol Niclasen merges the NicomDB into one script. nicomdb

More John. :)

Geomol has also published a link to a IFF ILMB loader.

Electronic Arts IFF ILBM loader:
Can handle 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32 color images, HAM6 images (4096 colors) and HALFBRITE (64 colors). HALFBRITE hasn't been tested yet, as I couldn't find such an image easily. Handle both compressed and non-compressed images. This is an example, where rebcode would help a lot, as a 320x200 image can take several seconds to uncompress.

iff-image: load-iff %some_picture.iff
img: iff-image/as-image

img now is a REBOL image!, than can be viewed like:
view layout [image img]

TRETBASE looking for testers

If you visit Altme REBOL3,
check out the TRETBASE forum. This is a little engine that could.

db/search test [[age = 40][n r now/time/precise]]

Returns a dataset block with record number, the n and the data record, the r and exactly when it was fetched for all records with age 40. This source code is still closed for testing, but if get a chance, sign up. The documentation has gone public at TRETBASE on Mediafire file sharing. The REBOL scripting possibilities with TRETBASE are nearly endless.


A more less page pager.

pager.r. A fairly full featured console more script, in my, the author's, humble opinion. Search with f and r, skip by page or by line, forwards and back, line numbers; h for help.

>> more/num system
will let you peruse the reflection of REBOL at your leisure.

A layout editor and reb site highlight

Building on the REBOL Quick Start: Part 5 - Files, Directories, and Playing Music R.v.d.Zee adds a new builder tool to rebol.org with layout-writer.r. R.v.d.Zee also added a script to illustrate Reb Sites.

Rebol Technologies

New REBOL 3 webpage posted.

Discussion about the new page on the blog and then there is the REBOL 3 Project Home Page. Please Note: This is a developer's page, for those people involved of the trial runs of the new REBOL 3 release. The entries are a work in progress describing a work in progress.

Special Thanks

There are a few key players in the work that is REBOL. For the 2.7.6 release, special thanks go to Brian Hawley for his efforts in porting and polishing the new mezzanines.

Cheers from The Rebol Week


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