A summary of what's happening in the REBOL community.

The week ending 29th May 2007


Shout out for form-date.r and filtered-import.r
Christopher Ross-Gill has added some nice scripts to the library.

Sunanda updates the look of rebol.org

DevCon 2007

Videos posted...
Work continues at making these videos more accessible.

Mailing List

Rebolek announces a Work In Progress regex.r

Tim Johnson encounters and conquers difficulty with REBOL for 64 bit Ubuntu GNU/Linux.

Altme REBOL3

Many discussions regarding REBOL 3 especially in the VID+ and gob! arenas

Framewerks announces Hal4000

Chris would like some input with QuarterMaster in !QM to make the
framework bigger better stronger for all

User Group

Movements are afoot to form a formal user group. First Meeting held on
Altme REBOL3 world under the guise of IRUA.


DocKimbel steams ahead, fixing hot things and releasing new stuff.
Cheyenne beta 0.9.10 released to the few, the proud, the strong.

Mysql Protocol Driver 1.1.1 Released to the public
- Multi-statements queries parsing improved. Semi-colons included in quoted strings are now ignored.
- Email!, url! and other any-string! values are now correctly escaped in prepared statements.
- Empty block! values are now converted to "()" instead of "(NULL)".




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