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Slightly later in September 2008

The web is the thing


Sabu Francis has modified Vanilla.

Vanilla is a REBOL implementation of Web Log and Wiki, potentially the first bliki system ever developed.

Sabu has released a version of Vanilla, labelled as 0.6.3 at sabufrancis.com.

A legacy contributor to the Vanilla system, Andreas Bolka, would like everyone to know that this is not an official release of the Vanilla system, originally by Chris Langreiter.

Sabu's software is based on the last release, 0.6.2, from 2004 and is documented as a modification in accordance with the Academic Free License version 2.0. This blogger is making this up, but perhaps this mod could be named Vanilla chocolate-chip. ;)

Regardless, Vanilla is a gem of REBOL software and can easily be installed along with an Apache webserver. Interest in ensuring this system works with the Cheyenne webserver means more news may be posted shortly.

For details of the newest, click to sabufrancis.com.

For general information on everything Vanilla and to see it in action, click to vanillasite.at.

Updated HTTP

Our good Graham Chui, flagship at Synapse Direct, has posted a link to an updated HTTP scheme for REBOL. Implements DELETE and PUT and adds the ability to send cookies, woohoo!, including with the GET verb.

See all this niceness at rebol.wik.is.

Samples of the simplicity.

URL: http://somesite.moc
read/custom URL [ put %file [ Cookie: "authtoken=foo" ]]
read/custom URL [ put "some text" ]
read/custom URL [ get "" [ Cookie: "authtoken=anotherfoo" ]]

As is becoming this author's favoured rebol rally, Go Graham Go!

Cheers from the REBOL Week crew


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