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The fortnight ending 5th February, 2007

DevCon 2007

Some news on the hotel information is now starting to appear, There is also some new features like an iCal event schedule and the session info now seems to be ready to be populated. Go Go Go, Register and make a session to share your REBOL insight. Be sure to visit the news page for the latest info about the devcon! http://devcon2007.rebdocproj.org/news/news.html

This year's conference will be held in Paris, France on May 10-11.

Mailing List

Sunanda's a Coding Challenge, was a smash... many of you submitted some code and the Mailing list is ablaze with discussion... the competition is still on. the first step of the competition is over or nearly so, but 2 other challenges have been set aflame. An update to come as I get more explicit details on the results so far. :-).

Tips from the masters

Anton Rolls and VID words

Anton has written up a little doc on how to improve your VID styles by adding to their dialects, using words...
read all about it here: http://anton.wildit.net.au/rebol/doc/vid-words-dialect.txt although this is an integral part of VID, it seems not many users knew about it or are using this handy feature of VID. Thanks for putting some light on this!


It seems that the community is quite happy with the proposed R3 architecture in general. We can only hope that most if not all of the goodies will be ready for the devcon, so that REBOL Technologies can demo it all to our amazement. In case you missed it, here is the “REBOL 3.0 Component Architecture”

Commercial Spotlight!

This is a new column, We'll be happy to help anyone put a little bit of press coverage on their tools, as long as they're coded in whole or in part in REBOL. We'd like to post info on commercial uses of REBOL based technologies as often as possible, where we show off commercial/corporate applications written in REBOL. Many of you are doing incredible stuff, yet little is know about this high-level (sometimes mission-critical) work being done daily with REBOL.

We might also Put info about older applications written in REBOL too (with the author's permission).

„My Value Driver“ - released by BrainNet / Saphirion
Get your purchasing prices down! „My Value Driver“ provides total product cost transparency with the method of cost analysis for goods and products. This is a tool put to life by Robert M. Muench, nice to see your efforts come to fruition. Note that the app is currently only released in German, but an english version is expected within the next few months.

Here are key highlights of „My Value Driver“:
- Uncover unknown hidden margins in your supplier's product calculation.
- Find out the real costs of production of a product.
- Get the difference to your actual purchased prices.
- Simulate new scenarios: „How is the cost impact if you increase the purchasing volume?“
- See global sourcing cost advantages on the spot.
- Get the best arguments in price negotiations.
- Spring your own product calculation on your supplier!

full information is available in PDF format.
screen shots: one, two, three, four, five, six

SOME TOOL releases

TOOLBAR v0.0.9 - Henrik: "I've uploaded version 0.0.9 of TOOLBAR. You can read about it at http://hmkdesign.dk/rebol in the two latest blog posts, where I also highlight a bug in REBOL/View that causes a crash because of TOOLBAR."

Note: removed erred info about REBOL blog use by Henrik... sorry <ed>

Image panning VID face - Also by Henrik
... read more about it on the above link.

!Liquid v0.6.4 - by Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch
- cleared a few bacteria (microbugs ;-)
- better support for linked containers
- fixed orphaned links (named yet non-linked inputs).
- start of commit concept (just the func layout)
- started !plug core reference docs

to download the lib: http://www.rebol.org/cgi-bin/cgiwrap/rebol/download-a-script.r?script-name=liquid.r
docs on liquid project: http://www.pointillistic.com/open-REBOL/moa/steel/liquid/index.html
!plug reference: http://www.pointillistic.com/open-REBOL/moa/steel/liquid/plug/plug-reference.html


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