A summary of what's happening in the REBOL community.

Week Ending 30th Dec 2012

R3 ODBC Host Extension

Released by ChristianE, see https://github.com/gurzgri/r3/tree/odbc

Red REPL preliminary release

"Red REPL preliminary release (be sure to read the commit log before trying it):

Just compile %tests/console.red and run it!" Dockimbel

Red binding for SQLite

By Kaj.  See http://red.esperconsultancy.nl/Red-SQLite/timeline

R3 64 bit builds

"First baby steps towards R3 64-bit builds:

TL;DR: We are slowly getting to a foundation for more serious 64-bit work." Earl

New binaries available

We have already some new binaries to download with some fixes courtesy of Earl

If someone wants to try a pre-built binary for Win32:

Also, let me remind you of pre-built binaries for OSX and Linux:
http://bolka.at/2012/rebol3/r3-2.5-62ec41f (OSX Intel)
http://bolka.at/2012/rebol3/r3-4.4-62ec41f  (Linux)

Rebol3 sources released

Looks like the nearly unthinkable has finally happened .. and just in time for Xmas.  Carl has now released the R3 sources on Github https://github.com/rebol/r3

There's going to be a flurry of activity as people try to port to their favorite platforms ... and hopefully someone will step up to lead this project since Carl lacks the time.  People have reported compiling the sources on OSX so far.