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News from Robert Muench about R3 project !

"I have some knews regarding R3.
In the last two days I had longer calls with Carl and decided how to move R3 forward.
This is how it will be done:
- The RMA team will help to get some burden from Carl's shoulder and work on open issues. This will be setup in that we get partial access to the necessary code parts and can work on these.
- We are going to extend our internal testing infrastructure etc on these new R3 releases and run it against our applications we crate
- Carl and I will have regular calls to discuss the status and things where we need his advise etc. So, to keep the loop closed and gain more speed
- I will meet with Carl in person on 23rd Juli to discuss further things
- Unitil that we want to get most administrative setup done, so that we are ready to go

We are going to drive the priorities by the things RMA needs. This shouldn't be a problem for anyone because if you are going to use R3 for serious development than you will need it as well.

The thing is, that we are not going to jump-start for every requested feature etc. We know there is a lot to do and we will work through it step-by-step. And, this is not because we don't care what you all state here. Definetly not. I want to move R3 forward as fast as possible. This needs concentration, focus and pushing to finally get it done. At the end of the day the only thing that counts is, if we make it to make R3 stable enough for prime time development.

So, stay tuned and I must say that this is the most promising development for a long time.

Let's see if Carl and RMA will make it to deliver on this. Which, still needs to be proofed but I'm not going to stop to push for it.

Some notes:
- We will have an NDA
- Carl didn't lost interest, he is full comitted to R3. His contract work is (still) / was very intense. Things get a bit more relaxed there now.

- I / RMA will be the main communication channel. I have access to Rebol-3 twitter and there exists a RMA twitter.- We will continue to work on the R3-GUI and release it as we did before (sometimes there might be longer periods of no-release, if we are doing massive changes)- The main focus will be: fixing bugs, defining and writing down how datatypes are handled WRT conversion, priority, sorting etc.

(Robert Muench)