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ReBorCon 2011

REBOL & Boron Programming Language Conference

Date and Time
Saturday, 26 February 2011
11:00 - 16:00 hrs
Afterwards we will go for a drink and dinner in a local restaurant. If there is interest, we can arrange an extended programme for foreign visitors the Sunday after.

REBOL is an innovative programming language, especially suitable for Domain Specific Languages, Internet programming and semantic messaging. Boron is an open source language in the same family, a dialect of REBOL.
- The new REBOL 3 Graphical User Interface under development
- REBOL 3 extensions: a binding with the cURL networking library
- Two commercial applications written in REBOL 3
- Introduction of a new Syllable Desktop live CD with REBOL 3 and Boron
- Cheyenne: a professional web server written in REBOL 2
- An OpenGL 3D demo in Boron
- Announcement of a new project
The time schedule will become available later on. Keep an eye on this web site.

Please visit conference site for more informations :



Period ending 1-Feb-2011


its been a busy january on REBOL org, with 18 new or updated scripts by a few prolific posters
Recent changes on rebol.org

R3 news

  • Carl re-appears after a 3 month hiatus
  • ALIAS function removed in the next R3 version;
  • curecode reviewed by Carl, many bug fixes expected in A111 release.
  • Also, curecode got a new project for R3GUI.


New RMA release of R3GUI is available on:

the full source version + docs
the 'classic' one file release

Feel free to try it and let us know in the R3GUI Altme group. Any feedback is appreciated.

NOTE: this version is compatible only with the RMA version of Rebol3. You can get it here

Release change notes:

  • show-native recursive issue fixed
  • enhancements to TEXT-LIST, TEXT-TABLE, TAB-BOX styles
  • fixed DO reactor call
  • fixed reactor actions handling
  • optimized INIT-PANEL function
  • added FOREACH-FACE function
  • fixed internals of triggers subsystem
  • optimized DRAW blocks handling
  • optimized DO-STYLE and DO-TRIGGERS code
  • added triggers handling to set/insert-panel-content
  • lists.r3 code cleanup
  • cleanup of unused/leaked variables

R3 cURL binding documentation!

This is a big deal, it means we can build standards compliant internet aware R3 applications ... right now!

Kaj de Vos:
It took a lot more time than I expected to create the documentation for the cURL binding; about as long as the binding itself. But here it is, together with the documentation for the example extension:

R3 cURL documentation

The binding is now officially released

R3 ODBC extension

Christian Ensel writes on Altme:

I've updated the R3 ODBC extension to R3A110, get it here
This is the first version which works with date values.


Release 003 is here: glass-r003.zip
main changes:

  • Editor style and associated text editor application
  • Encap friendly single file version of ALL glass libs, usable just like if they where external files.
  • The encap version of glass is all packaged within its own .zip file inside the root of the distro, to make it easier to get started.
  • New Image style, it also has a pretty cool image style demo app.
  • quite a few nuts and bolts worked on here and there.
  • reworked the folder structure a bit to make it cleaner (it shouldn't change much from now on), tell me what you think?
  • Added original SVG files used to create icons as part of distribution
  • Added a few reference glass-related images for demos and tutorials.
  • Windows title handling is now automatic when you fill their labels. (shown in text editor)
  • Many libs have had their APIs improved.
  • Extensive HISTORY AND RELEASE NOTES in docs folder.
  • Screenshots: image style tutorial, RED - REBOL text editor
Please try it out and give some feedback here or on the GLASS group on REBOL3 Altme world. It's still R2 based.

Also, GLASS now has a very simple installer which will be updated at each release.

    do http://www.pointillistic.com/open-REBOL/moa/files/glass-installer.r

its a command line script, but uses a file requestor so you can setup where glass is downloaded and unpacked.

Syllable OS

Kaj de Vos writes on Altme:

This past Saturday we held our Winter Syllable Conference: web.syllable.org
We introduced and handed out a sneak preview of our new Syllable Desktop live CD, introduced the REBOL 3 cURL binding
and went through our planned demonstration of setting up a website provider on Syllable Server, running on Cheyenne,
making a website on Desktop with my REBOL CMS, building it with REBOL 3 and uploading it to Server with the cURL binding,
with a short demo of the graphical version of Syllable Server thrown in