A summary of what's happening in the REBOL community.

Period ending 25-Sep-2010

REBOL2 JIT Compiler bitchfest fallout

Cyphre reports that this has been closed to private testing only, and a public release will now only happen at the RC1 stage. Contact him directly on the Rebol3 world if you wish to join the private beta testing group.

Hostkit Madness

Carl has been making frenzied releases of the hostkit, and we are now up to a release of 107. There is a 108 not released to the public yet. He has even built a R3 107? core for Amiga OS4.1. Don't even ask why!


Kaj has updated his Try REBOL3 in browser site. You can execute the Rebol expression in Rebol2, Rebol3 and in Boron. Eg, try this "make string! 1000'000'000" and see what happens in each.

More S3 tools

Check out Chris' REBOL tools page where he has taken the S3 work and built a protocol from it. He even has a fledging rest:// protocol, and ... a twitter client which uses OAuth. Chris has also promised a GUI for the latter ... but apparently his footie is keeping him busy.


Ever the subversive, Kaj also did a talk in Holland for the software freedom day on Boron, a language inspired by Rebol. See the slides in english/boron.


Got a programming question on Rebol? Fork wants you to post it to SO so that it will appear that Rebol is not quite dead. You might even get an answer!

Rebol without a clue?

I think this refers to the author of this blog who hasn't been following the Rebol3 development cycle. But I suspect that perhaps the disorganization that is the Rebol.com site also plays a part in not presenting a clear message. Still, there is an interesting lengthy comment from Henrik who explains some of the inner circle (codename = "IC") happenings.


This seems to be the current codename for the GUI which is being developed by RM Asset. Those of us outside the IC see what appears to be a chaotic process but we are being assured that all the pieces will fall into place. Pekr remarked that it looks as though we are even less far along as Carl's VID .. but try it for yourself.