A summary of what's happening in the REBOL community.

Year ending 2009


Freeing of REBOL/Command

Carl has decided to free up SSL, encryption ports, ODBC etc with the release of version of Rebol/View that no longer requires a license for these features to work. A 2.7.7 build has been released for testing. I can not disclose the download site .. but if you hop onto qtask or Rebol3 altme world .. you'll see it.

Rebol 2.7.7

And redevelopment has started on Rebol2 with a 2.7.7 release by years end ... with a view to fixing a few bugs ... perhaps in the installer, a memory leak in view ( which was reported by yours truly 5 years ago ), some VID fixes and any other low hanging fruit. The idea is to start monthly releases similar to the Rebol3 release schedule.

PS: http://www.rebol.com/downloads/v277/rebview.exe
1 Jan 2010: Windows only so far.

Cheyenne and Web Sockets

Dockimbel has updated Cheyenne to include limited support for web sockets. Checkout the SVN

Week of Mid December


Host Kits

Alpha release of GNU/Linux POSIX Host Kits announcement.

It's been a long, exciting, long wait. Woohoo! Alpha 96, a fine vintage.

Good initial reviews

From what I've come to understand, Kaj had a Syllable Desktop version of the host kit compiled and alpha running, not many minutes after the announcements. A decade of patient planning and I think I could see the grin beams in the chat post.

Let me in

Snag a copy of REBOL 3 alpha, chat.

Short post excuses

A short post for a big week, mainly a verbose web link republish, but it had to be said.

Cheers from The Rebol Week crew.