A summary of what's happening in the REBOL community.

In November

REBOL Release 3

A94, the core edges start to smooth

REBOL release 3 continues apace. A fast pace. Yet a pace surrounded in a surreal cycle of molasses slowed temporal warp of expectations, flashes of brilliance and the coming downs. Mostly good and, as far as I see it, any negative feelings are brought on by wants. All in all, this can only be seen as a good thing. Most wants can and will be filled, and the longer it soaks, the cleaner the final REBOL 3 solution will be. I can't speak to other platforms, but the r3-a9x series of Debian GNU/Linux binaries are becoming more and more fun to use. The little things we rebols take for granted in R2 are starting to feel right again. With the bonus of the new programming language as a communications channel, (code slung together while chatting, browsing and chasing technical support) paradigm that is emerging. A nicer human machine interface. And this is without view.

Excuse the use of the term programming language, we all know REBOL is far more than a language...

Don't forget to type upgrade. For the last three months, Rebol Technologies has been posting an average of 1.5 new releases a week.

Recent updates

In the Wild

REBOL Driven

You have to check out tryrebol!! Yes, those are exclamation marks.
This is frickin awesome!

REBOL in a website.

Hosted on a very REBOL friendly operating system, Syllable, with a REBOL web server, Cheyenne, and QuarterMaster, the REBOL web application framework, all together and running a web REBOL console with public access to testing expressions. Sweet!

Well done.

Some kudos

Name dropping

  • Janko
  • Pekr
  • Robert
  • Steeve

Why? Rising stars, old hands and all deserving of more credit for contributions. Thanks gentlemen.

Cheers from the Rebol Week crew.