A summary of what's happening in the REBOL community.

Late in October

REBOL Release 3

Closing in...?

The alpha releases are approaching centenarian status. This seems like a good thing. A lot of refinements, revisions and REBOL. This seems like a bad thing well, not bad bad, funny bad, as we want REBOL/3 and we want it bad.


Things are happening both on the core front and the community front. For example, our good Christopher Ross-Gill is hard at it with XML handlers for R3. xml_rebol. Carl is just hard at it. Perhaps he wants it bad too.

Some kudos


The 2009 rebol Of The Year awards will be a contest. Three names currently stand nominated. Nenad Rakocevic (DocKimbel's alias), Brian Hawley and Henrik Mikael Kristensen. As it is with this kind of thing, they all deserve the nod, but may the best rebol win.

Details as they progress will mainly be on the Altme REBOL3 world in the user.r Formal channel.

In the Wild

REBOL gets some coverage at Stackoverflow: a nice collection of technical questions and answers:


REBOL release 2 seems to be slowly but surely increasing its user base. Perhaps it's wishful thinking, but it just seems that REBOL is showing up in more threads of the World Wide Web. Or is it the rose coloured googles?

Cheers from the Rebol Week crew.