A summary of what's happening in the REBOL community.

Late in August update

REBOL Release 3


Be sure to check out the buzz around (what were REBOL plugins, now with REBOL flair) Extensions.
For Release A77 and up, Concepts: Extensions

R3 in the wild

Our good Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch (after three times fast, Mad Max is easier ;) ) has already posted images from his experiments that extend REBOL 3 into OpenGL for hardware accelerated graphics. See altme archive for a link to the image and the surrounding conversation.

That's it. Extensions. REBOL 3 yells Hello World.

Cheers from the Rebol Week crew.
Psst, words of BETA have started to float in the blogosphere.

Carl's influence recognized

Carl Sassenrath included in (a blogger's) Top 30 Influential list

Around the Net and back again

It might not be a Turing; but for us fans, it's nice to see Carl get some notice. Our good Sunanda, the humble nice guy behind almost all the great things at (the newly upgraded) rebol.org resource, noticed this one:


Cheers from the REBOL Week crew