A summary of what's happening in the REBOL community.

A quick REBOL update, July 2009

REBOL Release 3


It was a long week, since April, delays due to rain

R3 News

Following along from the July roadmap, it seems that the first entry in the plan, plugins, has Carl deep into it, and a little quieter than we have had the privilege to get used to of late.


Carl now posts quips regarding REBOL 3 developments at rebol3

REBOL 3 Very exciting times indeed

In the Wild

If you haven't lately, do yourself a favour and refresh your "Doc". DocKimbel of Softinnov is still up to old and new tricks and donating copiously to the REBOL codescape. Cheyenne, Thee REBOL web server, source code snapshots, are now available using Subversion, with

svn checkout http://cheyenne-server.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ cheyenne-server-read-only

We really do owe Doc and the other REBOL superstars a nice big round of applause.


There is so much more ...

  • guru Ladislav spotted

  • Ashley and RebGUI and OS/X native requestors

  • New people in Altme rebol3 world

  • Qtask

  • ...
but it is still raining, details delayed

Cheers once again from the REBOL Week crew.