A summary of what's happening in the REBOL community.

REBOL 3 news and other sundries. April 2009

REBOL Release 3

R3 really heats up

If you haven't been following the progress, you may be missing out. Recent developments include:

  • GNU/Linux versions of the alpha releases. R3 alpha Releases

  • DECODE and ENCODE functions. CODECs for PNG, GIF, BMP and JPEG included so far

  • New Documentation wiki. REBOL 3 Documentation or type docs from a console

  • A whole new REBOL chat environment. Just type chat from an alpha console

  • Bug tracker accessible by typing bugs from the console

  • Modules are getting a good duff over. R3 Modules

  • ... so much more

REBOL Release 3 is FOR us, and it is partly reliant ON us. Opening up development for community involvement comes with some level of risk. REBOL developers will have to show that putting REBOL at that risk is worthwhile and become involved in productive and effective ways.

The alpha releases await your testing, input and betterments.
Dig in. The water is fine and getting better by the minute.

In the wild

REBOL Rock'n'Roll

Nick Antonaccio rocks out REBOL!
Ode to REBOL mp3

REBOL chats pass 100,000

The rebol.org archives of Altme traffic have surpassed 100,000 entries. There is a lot of life packed into the REBOL3 Altme world.

Cheers once again from the REBOL Week crew.