A summary of what's happening in the REBOL community.

Period ending 19th October 2008

Chocolat is now Vanilla free!

Sabu Francis is renaming his Vanilla 0.6.3 release to Chocolat at the request of the original Vanilla authors. He will be setting up a website sometime when time permits to host the code.

HylaFAX web interface

Graham Chiu has released a light weight web interface to HylaFAX, the open source enterprise fax server software. It uses Cheyenne, and RSP pages. Internet Explorer users can view faxes in a REBOL plugin that allows them to rotate and ink on the fax. Chrome, and FF users will just see a PNG representation.

Cheyenne and mod-rest

Graham has been RESTing way too much of late and has persuaded dockimbel to help him create a mod-rest.r for Cheyenne! This is so that a REST interface can be coded to HylaFAX.


Well, we have no idea of what Carl is going to name his new baby. I favour god for graphical object dialect ... but I guess we don't want religion mixed with programming.

It is currently being alpha tested by Henrik and BH .. see this styles document. Henrik has posted lots of screenshots and a couple of movies.

REBOL not for me??

Carl has decided to refocus REBOL away from the ordinary programmer ... being dismayed at seeing so much REBOL code written in C or BASIC style. A few of us had a touch of self doubt reading this blog ... ahhh, who cares, as long as we enjoy what we are doing.