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Midweek, September 10 2008


Nice changes

Sunanda has been hard at it of late, smoothing out and enhancing the script repository and all the other nifty things at rebol.org.

The site now has prettier URLs. http://www.rebol.org/cpt-list-scripts.r?user-name=gabriele will now work, bypassing the older /cgi-bin/cgiwrap/rebol/... naming convention.

News about changes to the Script popularity engine can be read from the mailing list archive in Sunanda's announcement To see the new statistics, visit script-popularity.r

In the Wild

DocKimbel announces a Windows printing system

rebols using Microsoft Windows(tm), now have access to REBOL application controlled printing.

Get an early copy of the code at Sofinnov.org

Nenad has stated that documentation is pending, and I hope I didn't betray his trust posting the temporary link here in the Week.

Note:This code requires the newest 2.7.6 REBOL release. It is a shiny example of what can be done with the now freed LOAD/LIBRARY feature.

And this indirectly traces back as to why Gabriele's name was used for the rebol.org URL announcement. Don't forget to check out the fantastic PDF Maker, with some documentation at pdf-maker-doc.pdf.
Gabriele did a wonderful job providing cross-platform print capabilities for REBOL developers a long time ago.

Both Nenad and Gabriele deserve a rousing round of rebol applause and revelry. That isn't really news, simply deserved.


As mentioned in the Breaking News, don't forget to checkout the latest RebDB
at 2.0.3 release notes.



Translations of some REBOL documentation in Japanese have been spotted on the REBOL Docbase wiki. Index of Japanese Documents. Check for pages created by user Skoba. Thanks go to S. KOBAYASHI.

Rebol Technologies

RT in the cave

We still await technicals from the Rebol Technologies bat cave. Yes, we want to see more REBOL/3.

Yet, as can be seen from the above notes, REBOL/2 is alive, well and quite vibrant. On that issue, our good Brian Hawley, and others, are always pushing the flag toward a 2.7.7 release. Release date pending.

Cheers once again from The REBOL Week crew.


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