A summary of what's happening in the REBOL community.

Many days since March

In the Wild

HTML Dialect

Henrik of HMK Design has published his work in progress for a wonderfully succinct dialect for generating HTML. See HTML Dialect for details.


Paul Tretter has published an awesome REBOL database manager, TRETBASE

This engine allows a REBOL developer to create and manage databases using REBOL expressions with native REBOL data inputs and native REBOL result sets. This author finds it to be a very immersive development experience, very capable and very indicative of the power of the REBOL datatype model.

See the link to TRETBASE for downloads documentation and a Forum. Definitely one this author's favourite REBOL tools.



Nenad has updated the NTLM support library. See softinnov.org for details.


The Cheyenne site has expanded, reorganized, and well, deserves a visit. Not just from the hardcore rebols, but anyone that wants a simplified and powerful web server system.


Christopher Ross-Gill has been hard at it extending the capabilities of QuarterMaster. QM is approaching a stage where this author feels that statements like Give Ruby on Rails a run for its money are not out of line.

View 2.7

Anton Rolls has published some documentation on a face options dialect.


Not that it has anything to do with us, but the cuil.com search engine has a pretty neat result page for a REBOL search.



The Syllable Operating System continues it support of REBOL with REBOL, the Cheyenne Web Server and QuarterMaster framework included in the distributions.


Easier Script Submission

The rebol.org site has been updated by Sunanda. Contributing scripts has been simplified. Very few header fields are now mandatory, only:

  • Title:
  • Date:
  • File:
are now required. All other fields are optional. Along with this change, is free form script tagging. Contributed scripts now have more user generated meta data tags to assist us all in searching. Minutes after the announcement of the easier submission process, Nick Antonaccio posted up some 30 scripts. The script repository is fast approaching the 900 script mark.

REBOL Technologies

No news is good news?

We all long for more information from RT. REBOL 3 developments have gone to the bat cave and we eagerly await news and updates.


Lots happening

This RebolWeek post is weak on all the wonderful things that have happened in the REBOL world since the last entry was made.

For Instance; Brian Tiffin presented REBOL at the Ottawa Canada Linux User Group meeting on August 5th, 2008. OCLUG. At the same time, Brian met Brock. A face to face rebol meet up. Woohoo!

Cheers from The Rebol Week every few months or so crew.