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The Week Ending 9 March 2008

Peter Wood brings great news on his efforts with Olivier Auverlot to translate the book 'REBOL - A Programmer's Guide's into English.

In March 2007, Olivier Auverlot published his second major book on ÒREBOL Ð Guide du programmeurÓ. Written in his native French the book has been well received, not least by Carl Sassenrath: ÒYes, Olivier has done it again with another good book on REBOL.Ó

Olivier and I have been working on an English translation, "REBOL - a programmer's guide" for a little while now. The book will eventually be published in both printed and electronic form on lulu.com. The prices are likely to be Euro 25.00 for the printed edition and Euro 16.99 for the portable document format version (pdf) version. (For those of you outside the Euro zone, Lulu also provides prices in Pounds Sterling and US Dollars.)

As the translation is likely to take some time to complete, we are providing exclusive previews of each chapter for those who don't want to wait until the whole book has been translated. The previews will only be available until the complete book is ready. Each chapter will be published as a pdf once it is available and will cost Euro 2.99.

The first chapter "Discover Rebol in an hour" is a hands-on introduction to Rebol for programmers following the development of an automated File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client. It covers many facets of this highly productive language. It is available today at http://www.lulu.com/content/2092020

The next three chapters, "The Rebol Language", "GUI, graphics and sound" and "Networking and the Internet" will be available within the next few days.

Olivier is the author of the book; I am the author of any mistakes that have crept in during the translation.



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