A summary of what's happening in the REBOL community.

The week ending 23 Dec 2007

RebGUI (a lightweight alternative to VID)

Build#107 was released on Friday, Dec 21 by Ashley. It comes with a new tree widget.

tree data ["Pets" ["Cat" "Dog"] "Numbers" [1 2 3]]

Values arranged in a collapsible hierarchy.

'expand starts with all nodes expanded

"It's very basic, can only handle a couple hundred entries, and still has some UI quirks ... but it works and is only 3Kb." -- Ashley

Build#108 was released on Saturday, Dec 22 by Ashley.

1) Fixed UI quirks with tree widget

2) Renamed vid widget to style

3) Added a new scroll-panel widget

scroll-panel data [calendar]
scroll-panel data [field field]

A panel used to group widgets within a scrollable container.

4) Added a new sheet widget

sheet options [size 3x3 width 2]
sheet data [A1 1 A2 2 A3 "=A1 + A2"]

Simple spreadsheet, based on rebocalc.r, with formulas calculated left to right, top to bottom.
A cell is either a scalar value, string, or a formula starting with "=".
Scalar values are automatically right-justified, series values left-justified.
Remember to put spaces between each item in a formula and use () where needed.

'size specifies number of columns and rows
'width specifies cell width in relation to cell height

5) Updated %tour.r to incorporate examples of tree (List), scroll-panel (Grouping) and sheet (List) usage.

Cheyenne released with sqlite.

dockimbel,"Cheyenne v0.9.17 re-released. Now includes the source code for the %service.dll library. As a remainder, all the Cheyenne source code, including the service.dll source is release under BSD license."

NOTE: Cheyenne is a full-featured Apache-class web server implementation using 100% native REBOL.