A summary of what's happening in the REBOL community.

Month ending Nov 12th

R3 updates

On Monday version A82 was posted to the Alpha team.
  • New MOVE function to move a value or span of values in a series

  • New IN-DIR function that evaluates a block while in a directory

  • PRINT, MOLD, FORM allow any-type!

  • bug fixes

This seems like a long pause, but it is all due to ...


A new Open Source REBOL source code management and collaboration tool has been published. The r3 alpha team is hard at work smoothing out the edges and this product will soon be released. DevBase was created to allow more community involvement in and to accelerate the pace of REBOL Release 3 development. Since it's release quite a few code submissions have been accepted by RT. Including the first Mezzanine function submissions, some of which are listed above as part of the A82 release.

This product will allow REBOL Technologies a little breathing room with REBOL development and will allow for smooth integration of the plethora of third party efforts expected to soon follow the release of REBOL version 3.


David Oldes Olivia updates the REBOL/Flash dialect. This month has seen
versions 2.5.0 through 2.11.0.
A short list of what's new
  • New swf-parser included which replaces old exam-swf function (useful for importing foreign SWF files)

  • Added implementation of Class definitions for SWF versions 6 and higher

  • Added new 'trace function into actions (which can be use to compile swf files with or without trace calls easily)

  • 'require and 'include now accepts block of files or urls

The main attraction is a wonderful layout engine.

For example:

background 200.200.200
require %tracer.rswf

layout [
at 10x60
DateChooser 120
Calendar 92
DateChooser 162x265 2009-1-1

doAction [
GUI_DateChooser.prototype.onSetDate: func[date][
trace(this._name "onSetDate:" date)
GUI_DateChooser.prototype.onChangeMonth: func[date][
trace(this._name "newMonth:" date)
showFrame end

To see this in action, click to DateChooser

Henrik's Blog

Henrik of HMK Design continues to keep people in the REBOL Release 3 loop with some
insider looks at how things are shaping up. A nice example can be seen at
HMK Design.

rebol.org and altme archive

Sunanda has been hard at work building up the search engine for the Altme REBOL3 world
archive. Try it out at Altme Search or Altme Group Archive as Sunanda has coined it.

The altme groups archive at REBOL.org contains over 179,000 postings.
Including indexes: that's 22 meg of data making it about the same size as the Mailing List Archive database.

More info can be found at aga help

rebol.org submissions

Tom Conlin has added a binary search tool. See it at binary-search.r

Altme Updates

The windows version of the Alternate Messaging software, Altme, has had two recent
updates. These updates will happen automatically, but if you are not yet in the know,
downloads start at altme.com with information on the updates at the Altme New page.

Mailing List

As Sunanda points out:

The Mailing List, despite years of neglect has, this year, shown the first increase in traffic for over half a decade:

Of note on the Mailing List:

Speed comparison with Java. And an optimization challenge that has got the Community coding in R2 again. Part of that thread can be seen in the ML Archive. You may also want to check out ML Date Index.

Until next time