A summary of what's happening in the REBOL community.

The month ending 5th October 2007


The REBOL 3 alpha release is still MIA .. it seems the team now don't wish to release anything until it is complete. For those of us waiting on the side lines, the totally unrealistic time frames that were announced continues to wreak havoc on the community's spirit. Some official news and damage control from RT would be welcome. I am reminded that the first alphas of Rebol 1 nearly a decade ago were less functional than what I am led to believe the current alpha state is now.


Dockimbel has updated his driver to version 1.2.0. The following changes were announced
  • Changed behaviour and syntax of the READ function.
  • Fix for parsing correctly quoted empty strings. (Fix by Oldes)
  • Fix for the driver loosing local flags, like 'flat, 'auto-ping?,... when reconnecting (thanks to Will Arp)
  • Fix a remanence issue on /flat and /raw flags in 'send-sql after automatic reconnection. (thanks to Will Arp)
  • Improved port recovery support after a failed request upon a shutdown server.
  • An init SQL string can now be specified for an opened port.


Ashley has updated RebGUI to add some new functionality to the radio-group which can now be reset to an unselected state, and the tab panel to allow tabless panels.

Source code colorizer

Oldes has released a color code script that color codes REBOL scripts without the recursion parse limits of Carl's original script. Here's an example.

REBOL/Flash dialect

Oldes also has updated this to version 2.0.0


Sabu Francis is writing a simple object-oriented M-V-C content management system called "Annabelle" (ACMS) written in Rebol and JQuery. This is the very first pre-pre-alpha version. "The tiny documentation is at: http://www.sabufrancis.com/acms.pdf"