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The month ending 26 August 2007

Introducing: user.r

'user.r' is now the elected name for the REBOL user group. Formal discussions regarding the formation of the group are now hosted on Qtask. For an invitation to participate, contact 'btiffin' in the Rebol3 AltME world (where informal user.r chat resides) or email him directly (he is a reasonably frequent poster to the REBOL Mailing List).


From Alessandro Manotti:

I wish to highlight a new project I started, and currently in beta-test. It is called Laccio Framework.

I just published some information, Laccio source code, and three examples (I'm completing the quickstart tutorial).

Laccio is a framework, very small, for Rebol, composed by two objects. It includes several important functionalities:

  • Introduces (and standardize) the concept of "components" in Rebol. Basically, a component is a reusable piece of code, composed by several methods, variables, etc… used to create simple or complex components.
  • A component is a "template" that you can use to make other component instances (it works even with visual components, like Rebol View!).
  • Every component uses a MVC-like model. In fact, every component is divided in two parts: View (that manages user interaction) and Controller-Model (grouped in a single object, that manages either the business logic or the data).
  • Laccio framework efficiently implements messages notification (the so-called events). The concept is similar to the listeners: a component can send a message, under specific conditions, to every other component or Rebol application that requested to be notified when such condition is verified (an application can "listen" a specific message). I wish to highlight this feature: in many languages, only a single method (function) can receive a message, and such method has to "spread" the message by calling other functions; in Laccio, you can directly register as many functions as you want, using a simple syntax!
  • Creating and/or using components is a very simple task, and a very small amount of work must be done.
Every comment, information, opinions, suggestions are welcome. I think it is a great help for Rebol developers, and it will help us to increase the collaboration, cooperation to create better and more complex Rebol applications.

Laccio Framework

List View

Henrik releases LIST-VIEW 0.0.51: