A summary of what's happening in the REBOL community.

The month ending 22 July 2007

UTF-8 Validator

Rebolek announced his UTF-8 Validator which checks and validate UTF-8 files, convert from USC-2 to UTF-8, convert special characters to HTML-entities and vice versa (can ignore selected tags).

available from http://bolek.techno.cz/UTF8-Validator/ as REBOL script and Windows executable.


Readmail is Phil Bevan's VID based email client. He released 4.14.14 & associated helptext on 29th June 2007. It can be found on rebol.org, and alternate Canadian site.


Icarii has been releasing new versions of his card game which is inspired by Magic The Gathering. See his news page for new playback mode.

REBOL3 beta

The public beta has been delayed for a couple of more weeks and is now scheduled for early August 2007.


Dirk Weyand has updated his web server to version 2.7.4 and promises a SSL server mode soon. Those in the know wonder how that is possible since server side SSL in REBOL is not known to be possible to anyone outside of RT.

Cheyenne & Captcha library

Cheyenne 0.9.16 is out, and Cheyenne 0.9.17 should be coming out in a few days. Bugs can be recorded at Curecode. Nenad also announced his draw based Captcha library for REBOL/cmd.

BBC Basic

As a demonstration of REBOL's dialecting, Gemol has started to write a BBC Basic interpreter. Version 0.0.2 can do "Hello World" and a few math expressions.

SQL Lite

Ashley has updated this to version 1.0.4