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The week ending 8th April 2007

Rebol 3

To find out the datatypes built-in for REBOL 3, type 'help datatype!'

Among one of the requested enhancement to REBOL 3 is support for multi-tasking and interprocess communication.

New in REBOL 3, is a datatype called "task".

Will "task" could be your answer to multi-tasking and/or interprocecess communciation ?

Rebel Bulletin Board (RebelBB)

RebelBB is a forum for discussing REBOL programming.
Try the new beta release at http://www.digicamsoft.com/cgi-bin/rebelBBeta.cgi


Skimp is an indexing program written in REBOL.

Skimp was REBOL's community answer to Google.

REBOL Library's team original idea is to have Google index the mailing list archive via the Google SOAP API. However, months went by with Google not indexing much of the REBOL mailing list archive.

The REBOL community had rise to the challenge and contributed many great ideas to enhance Skimp to its latest state.

Many thanks to Sunanda and Peter Wood for putting these together.

More discussion on Skimp can be found at

Documentation for Skimp

One interesting application of Skimp will be to index REBOL3 AltMe world.

Skimp already has provision for such use. If you are interested to work on Skimp and indexing AltMe, contact Sunanda (or the REBOL Library Team).

Capture Screen
Capture Screen is a REBOL script that returns a screenshot as an image.

Contributed by Gregg Irwin and Christian Ensel


NOTE : This script was turnaround within 24hr on the mailing list from a request to do a screen capture. This definitely shows NOT just the power of REBOL but also the strength of the community.

REBOL API to Crystal Report
Christian Ensel has contributed an API to show, print and export Crystal Reports for REBOL.



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