A summary of what's happening in the REBOL community.

The week ending 1st april 2007


Information on R3 is getting more and more precise :-) . The R3 blog just released a complete list of datatatypes and a VERY cool stack trace function which will help A LOT in ironing out errors.


Somehow it seems Piotr Gapinski's RSS reader written in REBOL went completely unnoticed! but I'd like to raise a few cheers for this simple, effective and actually quite complete implementation of a stand-alone RSS reader.

Peter W A Wood released a script called make-word-list.r. Its a very complete REBOL script analyser which extracts any words it can find within any datatype!

REBOL3 Altme

Not much to say a part from the fact that its back online... I didn't get any strange effects when I logged back on, so it looks pretty clear so far.

On the backup Rebol World Altme world setup by graham (many thanks from a lot of us btw), There was a flurry of discussion about Rebgui

Are YOU the ultimate REBOL evangelist?

Carl over at REBOL Technologies is advertising for someone to help with the website and backups. Read the full post here

Mailing List

With altme down, we have witness a dramatic increase in Mailing list activity, reaching several years past levels, back when the ML used to be the main center of community collaboration.

a nice thread on doing screen capture within REBOL (without using the clipboard) was shown. Work on antidote continues, with stack and full internal datatype handling now reaching some measure of implementation and functionality. There was also a good discussion on words, pointers, indirection and contexts, delving deep into the binding and references complexities of REBOL... A good read for any REBOLer wanting to get to grips with advanced-level understanding of REBOL.