A summary of what's happening in the REBOL community.

The week ending 25th March 2007


A second new book from Olivier Overlot
Rebol/IOS, administration and programation, and again in French.


Big number support in a
from neoreb and discussion.

New builds coming

If you have a critical bug that needs fixing please make sure that Gabriele Santilli (contact is: gabriele at rebol, or altme) knows of it. He is in charge of selecting which bugs get fixed.


Carl has been asking for comments on :arg behaviour which means comments are working again! There's also discussion on object modification, and port behaviours.

Rebol3 AltME

Richard Westlake is still trying to recover data off the Rebol3 hard drive, and Graham has revived his "backup" AltME world "Rebol-World" and some discussions have shifted there. New users should login as guest/guest and ask for an account.

Mail List

The mail list was a little bit wonky but seems to be working adequately now.

There remains a strange interaction for GMail users, apparently when GMail is configured to forward all mail to another mail account. Mail from yourself does not make it to the mail list.

Peter Wood found "a workaround to Gmail's inadvertent censorship of your own postings to the ML. If you send the message via the Gmail web-interface, next time to access Gmail using POP3 you get a copy."

There was a discussion about contexts and reflection.


RebGUI Beta 2 released.

Release notes here: http://www.dobeash.com/RebGUI/release.html
Fully updated documentation here: http://www.dobeash.com/rebgui.html

This release contains almost 4 months of fixes/enhancements.


Maxim talked about his new "rebol interpreter within rebol" which he is developing
and might turn out to be useful for sandboxing remote code in a restricted environment.

We await his first release with interest.

This week's posting from Anton and Graham.


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