A summary of what's happening in the REBOL community.

The week ending 18th March 2007


As mentioned in the comments recently Steeve recently released a MSX emulator that allows you to play the old game galaga. Sound isn't too wonderful but that's a Rebol limitation at present. And it uses rebcode.

Other updated or new scripts include makedoc2.r, xpath.r ( a proof of concept of an xpath interpreter ), rss.r ( RSS reader ), steganography.r ( hide text in the noise pixels of an image ), photoprint.r, and colormatch15.r ( similar to the 1987 amiga version to create accurate colors ).


New beta SDKs 2.7.5 have been released for Windows, Linux and OSX. It is unclear how they differ from 2.7.4.


Rebol3 remains down and does not seem likely to return since rebol.net has been live again for the last few days. One benefit of this is the resurgence of the mailing list. However, if you need live help, AltME is still a very important asset for the lone Reboler. There are various other evolutionary benefits, but rather than prattle on how this strengthens the Rebol community, I have just resurrected the rebol-world. If you don't recall your login, or don't have one, then login as guest/guest, and we'll create one for you.


Anton has published some docs on popface system and on the face/options dialect.


Henrik is hosting the Rugby source code and has made some bug fixes.


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