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The week ending 25th February

Mailing List

After taking a well-earned breather, the REBOL Mailing List server is back online. Once again, ML is the leading public square for all things REBOL.

REBOL Mailing List


Rebol Week's very own Max releases Remark:

"Remark allows you to create and manage a complete web site by creating static web pages which are built up from html tags which you define (plus any normal html, of course).

"The tags can be as simple or as sophisticated as you need and because you have access to the full power of REBOL's dialecting within them, you can truly create powerfull and simple to use tags."


  • Create your own html tags and use them within your pages. Allows programable tags, and static html based tags.

  • Multi-page management. Handles all the files in a web site recursively. Even creates dirs at destination, if new ones are added in source.

  • Multi-site management allows you to configure all of your sites to be used within the same ui, so you don't have to sprawl.

  • Synchronise source and release sites, copying only user-specified file types (ascii and binary types are separate lists).

  • Reasonably Fast. The more you leave as html, the faster remark parsing... so its easy to optimise, when this is an issue.

  • Simple GUI to let you update changes applied to source(s) on a click of a mouse.

  • Persistently reparsed source files, so that your tags can even use custom tags as part of the html code they generate. This means that the engine reparses until no more custom tags exist within the source page. Allows you to scale and leverage your html layout by creating low-level tags (like menus) and then assembling them in higher-order tags (like a header, footer or even an automatic per style template).

  • Includes a powerfull set of standard custom tags fully integrated within REBOL: pseudo-absolue-paths, code-view, auto-css, date/time, make-doc (forthcomming)

  • Page Templates can be built and then filled up by setting up layout and data entry tags.

  • CSS Friendly .

  • API defined Global REBOL values allows your custom tags to know where they are within a site and create tags which are page/section/path dependent, even though the same tag is used in all pages. As an example, menus can be different when the current page is a direct link to one of its menu items.

  • External config files, loaded at run time. Allows you to setup global and per site tags, templates and intrates all sites within one GUI.

  • Can be a very compact and scalable platform to GENERATE XML files for other softwares to use. Specifically because of Remark's persistent parsing nature. In a future release, remark will get explicit XML parsing tools.



PSG AY-3-8910 Study by Marco: "This is a simple study for me to understand the basic principle of music generation.

"This script use rebcode (20 time faster) if present.

"Many thanks to Guest2 making me interrested on this subject (see his script %demo-ay.r)"

Run sequence encoded integer data sets by Christian, Romano and Sunanda: The fruits of the Mailing List competition a few weeks back to provide an API for compacting/compressing sets of integers.

Origami Demo by Fran├žois Jouen: "Playing with Rebol on Ultra Mobile Personal Computer. Use keyboard arrows for options!"

Calculate working days between two dates by Sunanda: The product of YAMLC (Yet Another Mailing List Competition). "Given two dates, and a list of holidays that occur between them, returns the number of work days between those two days. With the /non refinement, will return the number of non-working days between the two dates."

DevCon 2007

More information on accommodation has been posted on the DevCon web site:

DevCon - Locations

Just over ten weeks left to get organised!


Rebol3 world currently down as of 1st March 2007 9:00 GMT+13


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