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The week ending 18th Feb 2007

MS Windows

Oldes' published first version of Windows .LNK file parser

For a demonstration, open your rebol console and paste this in:

do http://box.lebeda.ws/~hmm/rebol/projects/ucs2/latest/ucs2.r
do http://oldes.multimedia.cz/rebol/shortcuts.r
repeat i 7 [print ["=== test" i "==="]
parse-lnk rejoin [http://oldes.multimedia.cz/tests/test i %.lnk]]


Many updates this week. Ashley has made many changes and improvements to RebGUI,
and committed several builds to SVN bringing it up to build #58.

Some of the changes:

  • Info option now prevents tabbing
  • Added action-on-tab block to behaviors (works in same manner as action-on-enter)
  • Fixed modal requestor problem

  • Button widget rewritten to take full advantage of AGG
    and fix some anomalies (e.g. actions now fire on button up instead of button down, replaced
    'active facet with options [info], hover effect no longer "sticks" when a popup is called
    from a button, etc). And all this in 1/4 of the code! ;)

  • Numerous widget fixes and enhancements to many widgets.

  • tab-panel now only fires action on initialization if options [action] specified
  • spinner now fires action after arrow click
  • arrow has default size of 5x-1 (meaning you can now create non-square arrows ... needed by spinner above)

  • Fixed 2 major tabbing issues:

    1. tab-on-enter now fires after calculation of next field (so works correctly with show-focus)
    2. tabbing within tab-panel fixed (next field is prevented from looking at non-displayed tabs)

Mailing list problems

Currently down due to some type of server failure. Problem is being addressed.


rse-ids is quite possibly the first REBOL script to be released along with all its test cases (making it easy for anyone else to extend or repair the script).
Test data cases by Peter Wood. Test environment code by Christophe "REBOLtof" Coussement.

(posted for Anton)


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