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The week ending 12th February 2007

Volkers turn and I am a bit out of touch lately. Scanning my usual sources


Reichart promised to fix the top 10 annoyances in AltME if we could all agree. We came up with list - here's hoping!

Mailing List

Graham wrote a working script (send-gmail.r) that sends secure mail to Gmail using Gmail's smtp server, and a nearly working esmtps protocol that you can use to send secure mail using a modified send version.

Needs Rebol/Command because of the use of SSL, so, if you need secure email, time to upgrade to Rebol/Command!

Sunandas competition is still running and generating traffic. :)
Its about tuning the search in the Mailinglist-archive. Not really needed IMHO, but people have fun :)


Seems someone emulated an old synthesizer, PSG AY-3-8912 of MSX. 8-bit homecomputer IIRC. Should test it :)

And something to experiment with Rebol's AGG draw.


Carl was asking about the use of Context of whether it should be deprecated in favour of a flavour of object.


Hotels are being sought for everyone to stay in, but at this time of the year, there is going to be competition with the universities (Sorbonne) and other colleges for conference accommodation.


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