A summary of what's happening in the REBOL community.

The week ending 10th December 2006


For a while now Robert and Cyphre have extensive extensions for RebGui, which Robert uses for a large application. They promised to add them publicly. Which they have now. It still lacks documentation and needs the SVN for download. No demos available yet.

These new widgets (apart from panel) have an impressive range of options/features.
New chart, drop-tree, grid, input-grid & panel widgets). Panel & Input-Grid added to %tour.r, the demo.

Graham reports that there is a big problem with modal requesters in this release so be warned.


How to know local and wan addresses with Rebol. ipaddress.r By Fran├žois Jouen.

The week ending 3rd December 2006


A number of base builds for OSX were released on the 27th November, and a new enbase for the Windows SDK that allows stdio port redirection and CGI handling.

-w for no-window mode - use for redirection
-c for cgi mode - CGI envr flags, redirection

Nick Antonaccio continues his opus magnus which is a tutorial for beginners nearly reaching 300 pages. He has an overview of a mere 100 pages for experienced coders as well.

sqlab has a modified help function that

enhance original help with a secure way of showing functions in paths of objects and ports and show information about ports similar to objects

Here's an example

help/secure a/handler/set-modes
there is a function inside an object or port

A/HANDLER/SET-MODES is a function value.

port -- An open port spec (Type: any)
modes -- A mode block (Type: any)

My anti-spam program which expired on the 1st December 2006 has been updated. It should not expire again this decade!

Robert has sent Ashley all the changes he has commissioned .. so hopefully we will see these soon .. once Ashley has had a chance to digest them all.

Has a new tabbed pane called switch pad.