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Period ending 1-Feb-2011


its been a busy january on REBOL org, with 18 new or updated scripts by a few prolific posters
Recent changes on rebol.org

R3 news

  • Carl re-appears after a 3 month hiatus
  • ALIAS function removed in the next R3 version;
  • curecode reviewed by Carl, many bug fixes expected in A111 release.
  • Also, curecode got a new project for R3GUI.


New RMA release of R3GUI is available on:

the full source version + docs
the 'classic' one file release

Feel free to try it and let us know in the R3GUI Altme group. Any feedback is appreciated.

NOTE: this version is compatible only with the RMA version of Rebol3. You can get it here

Release change notes:

  • show-native recursive issue fixed
  • enhancements to TEXT-LIST, TEXT-TABLE, TAB-BOX styles
  • fixed DO reactor call
  • fixed reactor actions handling
  • optimized INIT-PANEL function
  • added FOREACH-FACE function
  • fixed internals of triggers subsystem
  • optimized DRAW blocks handling
  • optimized DO-STYLE and DO-TRIGGERS code
  • added triggers handling to set/insert-panel-content
  • lists.r3 code cleanup
  • cleanup of unused/leaked variables

R3 cURL binding documentation!

This is a big deal, it means we can build standards compliant internet aware R3 applications ... right now!

Kaj de Vos:
It took a lot more time than I expected to create the documentation for the cURL binding; about as long as the binding itself. But here it is, together with the documentation for the example extension:

R3 cURL documentation

The binding is now officially released

R3 ODBC extension

Christian Ensel writes on Altme:

I've updated the R3 ODBC extension to R3A110, get it here
This is the first version which works with date values.


Release 003 is here: glass-r003.zip
main changes:

  • Editor style and associated text editor application
  • Encap friendly single file version of ALL glass libs, usable just like if they where external files.
  • The encap version of glass is all packaged within its own .zip file inside the root of the distro, to make it easier to get started.
  • New Image style, it also has a pretty cool image style demo app.
  • quite a few nuts and bolts worked on here and there.
  • reworked the folder structure a bit to make it cleaner (it shouldn't change much from now on), tell me what you think?
  • Added original SVG files used to create icons as part of distribution
  • Added a few reference glass-related images for demos and tutorials.
  • Windows title handling is now automatic when you fill their labels. (shown in text editor)
  • Many libs have had their APIs improved.
  • Extensive HISTORY AND RELEASE NOTES in docs folder.
  • Screenshots: image style tutorial, RED - REBOL text editor
Please try it out and give some feedback here or on the GLASS group on REBOL3 Altme world. It's still R2 based.

Also, GLASS now has a very simple installer which will be updated at each release.

    do http://www.pointillistic.com/open-REBOL/moa/files/glass-installer.r

its a command line script, but uses a file requestor so you can setup where glass is downloaded and unpacked.

Syllable OS

Kaj de Vos writes on Altme:

This past Saturday we held our Winter Syllable Conference: web.syllable.org
We introduced and handed out a sneak preview of our new Syllable Desktop live CD, introduced the REBOL 3 cURL binding
and went through our planned demonstration of setting up a website provider on Syllable Server, running on Cheyenne,
making a website on Desktop with my REBOL CMS, building it with REBOL 3 and uploading it to Server with the cURL binding,
with a short demo of the graphical version of Syllable Server thrown in


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