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ReBorCon 2011

REBOL & Boron Programming Language Conference

Date and Time
Saturday, 26 February 2011
11:00 - 16:00 hrs
Afterwards we will go for a drink and dinner in a local restaurant. If there is interest, we can arrange an extended programme for foreign visitors the Sunday after.

REBOL is an innovative programming language, especially suitable for Domain Specific Languages, Internet programming and semantic messaging. Boron is an open source language in the same family, a dialect of REBOL.
- The new REBOL 3 Graphical User Interface under development
- REBOL 3 extensions: a binding with the cURL networking library
- Two commercial applications written in REBOL 3
- Introduction of a new Syllable Desktop live CD with REBOL 3 and Boron
- Cheyenne: a professional web server written in REBOL 2
- An OpenGL 3D demo in Boron
- Announcement of a new project
The time schedule will become available later on. Keep an eye on this web site.

Please visit conference site for more informations :




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