A summary of what's happening in the REBOL community.

Period ending 7-jan-2011

R2 reaches 2.7.8

New year and new release for REBOL R2. Not official on rebol.com but you can download Core and View version.

Go to download section of rebol.com

Waiting for the official fix log.

How big is the active REBOL community ?

One metric is the number of people posting to the public groups on the flagship AltME world, REBOL3:

In 2010, 105 people posted over 35,000 public messages.

That's pretty consistent with previous years too


Help wanted to contribute to Rebol Week !

We have writters for this blog but we need young blood :)
I doesn't take necessary a lots of time... Feel free to contribute.
Appointment on Altme R3 world - group rebolweek

REBOL needs YOU !


New RMA release of R3GUI is available on:

http://www.rm-asset.com/code/downloads/files/r3-gui-src.zip - this is the full source version + docs

http://www.rm-asset.com/code/downloads/files/r3-gui.r3.zip - this is the 'classic' one file release

Feel free to try it and let us know in the R3GUI Altme group. Any feedback is appreciated.

NOTE: this version is compatible only with the RMA version of Rebol3. You can get it from: http://www.rm-asset.com/code/downloads/files/rma-r3-build.zip




At 4:05 AM, Blogger Max2019 said...

I tried R3GUI with the suggested links, but it doesn't work.
I open R3.exe, digit:
"do %r3-gui.r"
and nothing happens...
I try
and the result is:
"demo cannot be shown".
R3 seems vaporware...


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