A summary of what's happening in the REBOL community.

Period ending 14-jan-2011

Most influencing programmers
Our Carl, Carl Sassenrath, creator of REBOL is rank 13 of "Most influencing programmers"


The creators or main contributors of PERL, Visal Basic, C++ and even Python are behind Carl !

Facebook Hacker Cup 2011
Message from REBOL Facebook group, Maximiliano

Dear Rebels,

During these days there is the Facebook Hacker Cup 2011, and Rebol isn't in the possible programming language admitted.
Why don't you show that Rebol is an excellent language? Below there is the first puzzle to solve, try to post your solution.

Qualification round 1

Qualification round 2

Qualification round 3

Ynot script

A new scripting language that runs on JVM that could have been inspired by REBOL but in fact not.

Site of Ynot script

Very interesting. REBOL community must take a lesson of marketing.

ROTY 2010... the details...
Robert Muench
Nenad Rakocevic
Nick Antonaccio
Henrik Kristensen
Brian Hawley

Nick Antonaccio 3 votes
Nenad Rakocevic 3 votes
Sunanda 2 votes
Henrik Kristensen 2 votes
Brian Hawley 1 vote
Robert Muench 1 vote

Votes cast by 12 people: [nve, BrianH, Dockimbel, Robert, Gregg, james_nak, Sunanda, PeterWood, DideC, PatrickP61, Maxim, btiffin]

Congrats to Nick and Nenad !

The Rebol Week needs YOU !

Yes, you can contribute to Rebol Week by sending us testimonies, articles, news related to REBOL.

You can send us feedback over AltME or by email

rebolweek at g m a i l dot c o m

REBOL IDE for beginners

Maximiliano have created a REBOL IDE for beginner.
Take a look at rebol.org


Great work Max !

And don't forget REBOL Facebook group...


And don't forget to follow us on twitter ! ! ! ;)




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