A summary of what's happening in the REBOL community.

Period ending 17-dec-2010

"Big Business Running On REBOL"

Nick has posted a very interesting news on rebolforum.
He has made all the IT in REBOL for his merchant village.

Here comes the story

Kaj's CMS ported to Syllabe Desktop

Kaj has ported his CMS to REBOL 3.
It runs on both REBOL 3 and REBOL 2 now, with a set of compatibility functions.
It's around 130 KB, approaching 4000 lines, and it builds websites around 35% faster than R2
The Unicode support has nicely fixed a few problems in Syllabe for the Russian version. Of course it would be more interesting if he releases the source ...

OSNews talks about the port.

TGD Consulting

Have you seen the products from this German company ?
They look very nice. Especially the visual webserver log viewer.
They also have a Webserver with VID management interface.

You can find all the products on this page

Graphics : OpenGL, R3 GUI

The R3GUI team continue to make progress on the GUI. On AltME, check the !REBOL3 GUI group.

Here is a preview...

Official distribution point announced by Robert for REBOL 3's GUI: here




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