A summary of what's happening in the REBOL community.

Period ending 3-Dec-2010


Graham released a small VID app to send SMS using Googlevoice in August.
Get it while the site is still up.

Rebol.wik.is going down ...

Mindtouch are removing their free hosting so this site is going down on the 1st Jan 2011.
Not sure where if anywhere it will be moved to.

REBOL.net is down
Since the week-end of thanksgiving, rebol.net is not avaible. It was maybe turkey powered ;-)
RebolTechnology is on the problem since 1st december 2010.
Follows the item on Carl's blog here.

Update 3-dec : rebol.net is now available

REBOL Community wake up !

Community is important for a language.
The REBOL community is small but must show it's power : small but robust.
So Wake Up Reboler !
Help is required for :
- marketing solutions to promote REBOL,
- R3 implementation of professional database access like Oracle, Sybase,
- cleaning web sites with dead link : it is important to show good sites, even if there is few sites, than a index with a lot of websites with dead links.
- professional testimonies
- worldwide section with local support

REBOL resources

Here is a little usefull script on rebol.org.
Either you are on Windows, Linux or MacOS, you can download all important programs and scripts for REBOL.

Block builder

A tiny text based CMS written in REBOL. Less than 10 Kb program.
Article from reboltutorial on Dzone here.
Home page of the site :


Vote for 2010's ROTY

Vote on AltME for 2010's ROTY.
See you on user.r sections of AltME world Rebol3.




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