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Period ending 26-Nov-2010

French webzine talks about Carl and REBOL 3

2 French programming sites announce REBOL 3 alpha:


And one IT webzine talks about Carl
and his project around REBOL 3 :


It is infrequent to have such news on the French board. So spread it on the web !

LDAP protocol released !

Softinnov has released a first version of his LDAP protocol.
This protocol was long-awaited in the professional world.
Thank a lot to the french company Softinnov (also author of Cheyenne webserver, MySQL and PostgresQL driver).
You can find the protocol on softinnov.org here
Try it with your LDAP.

Cheyenne 0.9.20 released

The REBOL webserver Cheyenne has reached the 0.9.20 version at the end of October.
There are a lot of fixes for this version.
For complete information, please visit the Cheyenne blog :


Some cool Cheyenne "Powered by" banners have also been made.
Please feel to grab them here and put them on your Cheyenne powered web site !
as Carl did it rebol.com

R3 on Amiga

Carl built a R3 release for Amiga (A109) for AmiWest.
You can read more news on all the Amiga's webzines.
And here is the article on Carl's blog :


Webservice protocol needed

Writing your own protocol in REBOL is a powerfull feature of REBOL.
In R2, we have internet based protocols like http:// pop:// dns:// ...
Softinnov writes protocols for MySQL mysql:// PosGresQL LDAP ldap:// ...
But what about webservices ?
REBOL needs to talk with other systems.
Webservice is a solution : Calling a webservice but also expose a REBOL program as a Webservice.
We need some volunteers to write tutorials and protocols around REBOL and Webservices.
Put your script and tutorial on rebol.org

Try REBOL3 - Updated with A110

Kaj has updated his Try REBOL3.
in browser site with the last alpha release of REBOL : A110.
Try to promote this site and make it popular !

Syllabe and R3

"The latest version of the REBOL 3 open host kit, alpha 110, enables Syllable Desktop for the first time to run the REBOL 3 client/server RebDev collaboration application for chat and development files sharing"

See the complete article here.




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