A summary of what's happening in the REBOL community.

Period ending 10-dec-2010

Don't forget your letter to Santa Claus !

A new release of R2, see the Change Logs page.
A official release of R3, and not alpha or beta release.
A wake-up of the community as relayed in the preceding Rebol Week edition.
A marketing team to promote Rebol.
A developper team to help Carl in the developpement of REBOL.
A better communication inside and outside the community...

May Santa Claus grant all my wish...

Idea of gift for Christmas

Little chauvinisme, but don't forget the book written by Peter Wood and Olivier Auverlot.

And for french speaking people, the original...

Tile the end of december, there's 20% of discount for the french version !

You can buy them on lulu.com

Excel dialect

As suggested by Reichart on AltME, let's discover the Excel dialect written by Robert Muench' & Gregg Irwin's.
Here comes the documentation.

Carl at Amiwest

Carl was at the AmiWest at the end of october.
He clean his basement and sell some Commodore suff : Amiga prototypes, etc.
He show a Amiga based version of R3 and talk about REBOL.

Link to the video : Carl's talk about R3
Don't forget part 1 of Carl's talk Link

-Nicolas 11-dec-10: correct link to part 1, thx rebtut

New home for Rebol.wik.is

On Rebol.wik.is losing its home, we have to find a new free hosting.
Maybe wikispaces ?

See U on AltME to discuss about solutions...

R3 alpha host-kit on GitHub

Host-Kit is now on GitHub. Carl made a little documentation about GIT.
Page can be found here.




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