A summary of what's happening in the REBOL community.

In February

RebDB 3

Dobeash meets REBOL/3

Just yay.

To try Ashley Trüter's shiny new take on databasing:

From an r3 console (tested under a96)
import http://idisk.me.com/dobeash/Public/rebdb.r
help db-
test: db-load http://idisk.me.com/dobeash/Public/test.bin
help test
sql select test

More soon. Docs pending ... and Dobeash does docs

Just yay.

REBOL Technologies

Alpha 97

A97 released, with the announcement at http://www.rebol.com/r3/changes.html which will eventually be archived through docs/changes.html

Feeling the love.

In the Wild


A link to some handy 2.7.8 source code tidbits via rebol.org/aga-display-posts.r thanks to our good Brian, nominee in the 2009 rebol Of The Year awards and all round REBOL heavy lifter.

Short week

Cheers from the Rebol Week crew


Thanks to our good Graham, The Rebol Week has been going for four years now.


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