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The week ending 16 March 2008

REBOL 2.7.6 Released

Yes, we do have a 2.7.6 release. The release page details the changes found in this latest incarnation. As of this date, only Windows 32 and Linux builds are available, but OSX, and Solaris core are following. Also, there is likely to be a special build with Rebcode enabled. The SDKs also include encmdview which I don't think I've seen since before 2005!

Of course this has impacted a little on REBOL3 development but the intention is to try and work on enhancements for REBOL2 that will also improve REBOL3.


Gabriele let slip that he has developed de-novo a new protocol for handling IMAP to help qtask provide webmail. The current REBOL2 IMAP protocol basically just gives the same level of functionality as POP3, but Gabriele's work is much more comprehensive, and he claims that qtask's email manager is now close to the functionality of Thunderbird. The even better news is that he hopes to use most of this code for REBOL3.

DOM Level 3 Implementation

Rudolph Meijer announced a pretty complete DTD implementation and is looking for testers. Source is not being released at this time, but may be made available depending on how the testing goes. I guess he's saying that if there are too many bugs he won't release the source.

Other Announcements

Geomol has released his relational database under the name NicomDB. GPL.

Oldes has updated his code colorizer.

Jerry Tsai shows how traditional Chinese can be printed to the console in REBOL3 with the current unicode implementation.


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