A summary of what's happening in the REBOL community.

The period ending 13th May 2007

Sometimes life just becomes too busy to try and keep to a weekly schedule, so here's a belated report on the last few weeks.

Devcon 2007

Because of the time difference between Paris and Wellington, NZ, I didn't get to see much of the sessions broadcast. It seems each new Devcon brings its own technical challenges, and this year the difficulty was on focusing the camera on the screen. I guess we shall have to wait until the formal videos from the second camera are uploaded to youtube to see what the speakers were pointing to on screen! But the quality of the video stream was excellent.

If anyone attended Devcon, and is able to write a report, we would be happy to post it here.

MySQL driver 1.1.0

Nenad released his latest driver that adds a new preferred method of querying data ( send-sql ), named fields mode that returns recordsets with named fields (neat), and multiple statements separated by semi-colons . This allows you to initialize databases from a standard set of sql statement.

eg: send-sql db read %setup.sql


Jerry Tsai has been working on ways to render both traditional Chinese in Rebol, but also other double byte character sets. His work in progress can be viewed here.

Carl Sassenrath Interview

Carl gave a long interview to mark the 1000th issue of Obligement ( magazine covering AmigaOS and MorphOS ) that detailed his early working life at Amiga Inc etc, and Rebol3.


Brian Tiffin has been hard at working updating documentation on scripts in the library. This will be very useful for new library users.

There is also a new Altme search utility in the library that crosses worlds and galaxies afar. Works even in offline mode.