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The week ending 15 Oct 2006

Blog about Cheyenne, a REBOL based web server

Hot from the 'test' release of Cheyenne, Nenad 'DocKimbel' has started a blog about Cheyenne.

Need a scroller style for your View apps?
Anton has released a 'Amiga' scroller style.

Source code is at http://anton.wildit.net.au/rebol/gui/demo-ami-scroller.r

And if you want to do a preview, you can always type the following in your REBOL console :
do http://anton.wildit.net.au/rebol/gui/demo-ami-scroller.r

INCLUDE , a module manager by Ladislav has been updated.
More information about INCLUDE can be found here >> http://www.fm.tul.cz/~ladislav/rebol/include.html


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