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The week ending 27th August 2006

In Carl's Rebol 3 blog it was announced that Ladislav Mercir is now in charge of REBOL 3.0 test suites.
Rebol 3 blog article

Rebol 3's ordinals (FIRST, SECOND etc.) and APPEND have become native! functions.

Henrik Mikael Kristensen published a VID style, PAN-IMAGE, which allows panning of large images and scrolling of small images, with keyboard and scroll-wheel control.

Henrik's LIST-VIEW has been updated.
See Henrik's blog for more details.

Henrik's Tester is now at version 0.0.7:

My site, Site Anton, is semi-operational once again since the last move.

Gabriele Santilli released the first public version of a client-side Qtask Markup Language editor, QML-Ed

Some test output from Gabriele's PDF-Maker2 is now also available.
PDF-Maker 2 is experimenting with a new type-setting algorithm, which figures out how to break text (adding hyphens etc.) so it flows into desired shapes (columns).


At 9:37 PM, Blogger Nick Antonaccio said...

Hi Anton,

I noticed on your "Rebol Friendly Sites" page that Lunarpages.com isn't listed. I've hosted a number of short CGI scripts on their servers. I'm not sure if there are any limitations, but everything I've tried there has worked without problems.

At 1:34 AM, Blogger Anton Rolls said...

Thanks, Nick, I've updated my page with your information.


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